Three Direct Benefits of Effective Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the single most powerful tools on the Internet to build your search engine marketing efforts up. It allows you to effectively reach your customers, build trust, develop expertise, and most of all get traffic. However, there are some newcomers to the Internet Marketing biz that still don’t understand everything that article marketing can do for your business. So, it’s good to take a look and see exactly what benefits this unique, highly effective marketing method can provide:

Becoming an Expert

One of the hardest things on the Internet to do is to build trust and show that your product or service is worthy of your visitor’s money. The easiest way to do this though is to share information that they need. You provide something of value and they don’t have to pay any money for it. It works out positively for everyone in the end. The key here is to write something beyond the normal fluff articles that litter the Ezines and directories – write content that people will actually be interested in reading and that they can learn from.

Developing Back Links

The primary reason most people use articles for marketing is to build backlinks. Sites like EzineArticles are highly effective in creating backlinks to your website. However, for those backlinks to be of value, you need to ensure that your article is well written, highly informative (to keep it high in search rankings) and that you optimize it effectively for keywords.

Direct Traffic

Finally, there is the direct traffic you can get from an article directory when you write a good article. Some people are happy to submit cheap, short articles every day for months to get a bulk effect, but if you spend an hour or two and write a stupendous article of high value to your readers, you may get anywhere from 100 to 1000 page views. Ideally, you should be able to convert as many as 40% of those visitors into clicks back to your website. Right there, a single article that took an hour to write could garner you upwards of 400 highly targeted clicks. Have any idea how much those clicks might cost via PPC? This is where the true value of article marketing comes into play.

Ultimately, article marketing is one of the single most valuable tools any marketer has at their hands to boost their online profile and to get traffic to their site. If you’re serious about SEO and getting a well optimized site, you need to participate in article marketing with everyone else. You’ll be dumbfounded at how effective it can be.

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