PURL Marketing Overview

pURL marketing provides users with a variety of ways to improve response rates. If you don’t already know about pURL marketing, then now is the time to find out. Though many major companies are still struggling to figure out how to market to an internet savvy generation, others have discovered the key. One of the most impressive new forms of internet marketing is the pURL marketing technique. pURL marketing can do amazing things to boost profitability. Here is some more information about the pURL marketing method and what it can do for your business.

What is pURL Marketing?

pURL stands for personalized URL and it is a system of postcard marketing that utilizes the internet instead of direct mailing. pURL allows companies to end out highly personalized messages to their customers via email. These messages can be used to advertise an upcoming sale, promote a new product, or even gather customer information via a survey.

The pURL message is extremely customizable. You can create a personalized postcard website for each user with their name included in your message. If you have kept good records on your customers you can even take it a step further. The companies that create pURL marketing messages can take details such as customers’ product preference, favorite color, or anything else you have on them and use it to generate superbly customized mailings for each client.

pURL companies use highly responsive software that automatically generates highly personalized sites using various algorithms. All you have to do is supply the information that you have for each one of your customers to the site. The information is loaded into the software and the pURLs are created, using as much or as little detail as you wish to include.

pURL Results

Though many higher level companies have yet to discover the benefit of pURL there is a lot to be said for this type of advertising. Customers these days are far more likely to pay attention to a pURL message in their email that is directly addressed to them. Take that a step further by customizing it to meet all of their preferences and you are definitely going to get their attention.

Imagine getting an email from a company that you do business with that was in your favorite color, with your name on the message and in the web address, and a highly appealing product being marketed to you. Add in a discount or special promotion for that product. Would you not be impressed? Would you not be more likely to buy?

pURL marketing messages really get the customer’s attention. For this reason, customers are more likely to make a purchase or fill out information. Most statistics show customers being almost twice as likely to follow through with a pURL message as compared to a traditional direct mailing. This means that you can look to as much as double your profit by sending out targeted pURL messages as opposed to direct mailings.

Finding pURL Marketing Consultants

pURL marketing companies have sprung up in great numbers over the last few years. A variety of different marketing consultants and other teamed up to form the pURL marketing technique after they began to study research indicating how much more likely consumers were to go with a targeted email over a direct mailing.

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