Marketing CPA Offers – Its Dark Side Revealed

It is true that you can make a lot of money by marketing CPA offers but what many internet marketers fail to realize is that CPA marketing also has a dark side which is masked until you get deep enough into the game to realize it. To help you understand easier, let me first discuss the CPA relationship.

The three main groups that make up the CPA industry are the advertisers, the CPA networks and the affiliates. There is no formal organization that governs and controls this industry. The advertisers are the owners of the CPA offers. They pay CPA networks to host their offers for them, so that they would reach the public easily and more effectively. CPA networks, on the other hand, are companies that host the said CPA offers and have their affiliates promote them. You can think of CPA networks as the middlemen between the advertisers and the affiliates. Meanwhile, the task of the CPA affiliates is to direct targeted traffic towards the offers and for every lead they can generate, they will get a commission. Note that no matter how industrious the affiliates are in marketing CPA offers, they will not get a cent if they cannot generate a lead. Leads are generated whenever a customer accomplishes and submits a form for a program download or an email subscription.

The bad thing about the CPA industry is that these people involved could be unbelievably unethical. When at least of these three groups attempt to cheat another, problems come in. On the internet, you will see a lot of forums and discussion groups wherein affiliates teach other affiliates some ways of cheating leads out of the advertisers and CPA networks. There are numerous ways of tricking customers into downloading or subscribing to CPA offers that are not only deceitful, but could also be against the law. Any CPA affiliate that attempts to cheat a CPA network out of leads could get blacklisted in the entire CPA industry.

There is a platform called Direct Track that makes it possible for all the CPA networks that use their system to see who the blacklisted members are. Thus, if you get banned from a CPA network running on Direct Track, you may have to forget all about marketing CPA offers and pursue another career as the chances of getting accepted in another network would be very slim. Some networks, on the other hand, cheat their affiliates by setting up landing pages that are very similar and then directly competing with them. Some advertisers cheat CPA networks by refusing to pay them even if leads were generated for their offers, on the grounds that they did were not satisfied with the lead quality. If this happens, the affiliates also do not get paid. This is the reason why as an affiliate, you must protect your landing pages and research which CPA networks are the most reliable. You must go for those who are genuinely concerned for your interests, wants to help you succeed in business, and not focused more on how much money you can make for them.

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