Many Airlines Are Optimistic About the Development Prospects of China’s Aviation Market

Many domestic and foreign airlines are optimistic about the development prospects of Chinese aviation market, and the constant additional routes and flights to the layout of Chinese aviation market. Among them, the U.S. Delta Airlines officially opened the direct flights from Shanghai to Detroit.

It is reported that affected by the financial crisis and high aviation fuel prices and other factors, the international aviation market had a poor operation in 2008. However, there are still some airlines pay attention to Chinese aviation market and increase flights to China.

The U.S. Delta Airlines officially opened direct flights from Shanghai to Detroit. This is the second newly opened international flights in March in 2009, which is only after the U.S. Continental Airlines opened direct flights from Shanghai to New York. The U.S. Delta Airlines select a Boeing 747-400 airliner which can accommodate more than 400 people to perform this task, which show its confidence of the Chinese aviation market.

The financial crisis has brought a lot of bad effect on some countries’ economy, while at the same time it also has brought some opportunities to some other countries.

The opportunity existed under the crisis, which is the experience I learned in China. In addition, this is the reason we think it is a good time to open a direct flight from Shanghai to Detroit.

In addition, on China Civil Aviation’s website, many domestic airlines apply to open international flights. According to incomplete statistics, domestic airlines apply to open the international cargo flights have exceeded 20 since 2009.

Some airlines also apply to expand business scope to Hong kong and Macso, as well as international aviation business. Spring Airlines have apply to open domestic flights to Hong Kong and Macao, and also apply to open international flights to Japan and Korea.

It is reported that a number of airlines of Kenya, Egypt, Mauritius, Spain and other countries are all plan to open flights to China in the latter half of 2009 year.

With the continued economic development of China, China Civil Aviation will achieve a total of more than 140 billion ton-km by 2020 year, the passenger transport volume will exceed 700 million passengers. It must be acknowledged that there are some difficulties in China’s civil aviation market, but they are temporary. As long as Chinese people have confidence and take appropriate measures, China Civil Aviation will usher in greater development. It will make new contributions to China’s economy and social development.

Now, China plays a more and more important role in the world. More and more people come to China to do business or have a trip. They all think China will have a bright future in the world in several years later.

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