How to Succeed in Network-Marketing?

How to succeed in Network Marketing? There are 4 steps that guarantee that your expectations are met and success results are achieved in home based ecommerce/online business.

Step One

Prospecting: The first step in building a home based ecommerce business is to understand you cannot build an organization without people who have the similar desire’s like you.

Your first goal should be to find these people and it can only be found once you start prospecting online/offline on a regular basis looking for those who are interested in earning income by building a home based business. It is recommended you should have at least 40 new prospects per month if you are building a business on a part time basis and more than 100 if you are building business fulltime.

What do you do once you have compiled the list? Your immediate task after developing the prospecting list is to set a face to face appointment with your prospects for approx. 20-30 mins, where in you can share the business opportunity with your prospects.

Step Two

Sharing your opportunity:

The second step is to meet the prospect to discuss the business opportunity. There are many ways of sharing, you can invite one or many person at your home and share the opportunity with everyone, you can just meet the person one-on-one either at your place, or at prospect’s place or at some neutral place and then give that person a brief overview of your compensation plan, etc. It is recommended not to share the opportunity with the prospects at their work place, if you do share info with the prospect at their work place it is for sure you are going to waste your time and you are in desperate need of setting someone up for home based business.

Step Three

Convert your partner into an Associate: Once you share the opportunity with the prospect, your next step is to get the prospect started in your business as your associate. You need to be absolutely clear with your company rules and policies, and if applicable any fees etc. You need to develop a healthy relationship with your associate and understand their immediate and long term goals.

Step Four

Setup your associate for success: Once your associate gets familiar with you and your system, your task is to set your associate for success. You need to train and motivate your associate how to compile the list of prospects, share the opportunity and how to convert prospect into associate.

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