Exploring the Online Designer Menswear Market With the Search Engines

The online designer menswear market is said to be the place to head nowadays, whenever searching for any type branded men’s clothing. To find out the truthfulness of this statement, we set out exploring the online designer menswear market; to find out just exactly what it has to offer, and whether it really matches the publicity it has been receiving since shopping for clothing online came to be accepted into the mainstream at the beginning of this decade.

To get started in our exploration of the online branded menswear market, we entered a Google search on the simple search phrase ‘menswear’ – which is the equivalent of entering into the ‘market gate’ in a traditional brick and mortar market shopping expedition.

The Google search on menswear, however, yielded 4 million plus ‘hits’ as Internet search results are also referred to as, and this was clearly more than we could cope with; because if we were to explore what each of the four million plus hits gave, it could probably take a lifetime doing so. To be sure, not all the 4 million plus hits given by the search on menswear was directing to a store dealing in such clothing, as some were ‘information hits’ – directing to sites that were offering information on how to go about shopping for menswear, the different categories of menswear, the evolution of menswear (from when men wore tunics to today’s designer jeans age) and so on. Still, even after making provisions for these ‘information links’ the hits yielded by the search on menswear were still overwhelming.

As we came to realize later, is that when you are overwhelmed by the results an Internet search reveals, what you are supposed to do is to ‘narrow’ it down; but using more specialized searching words. In our case, seeing that trying to shop with the simple term ‘menswear’ was giving overwhelming results, we decided to narrow down our search to a specific menswear label, Lyle and Scott. Even doing this, however, still resulted in 2 million plus hits, clearly more than we could cope with individually, but at least much more focused.

Unlike the results returned by a general search on ‘menswear’ most of the results returned by the Lyle and Scott search were direct hits to stores running Lyle and Scott sale offers; stores it would have taken ages to get to if we were to attempt to peruse through the results that the general ‘menswear’ search gave till we came to them (if we ever did, that is). Narrowing the search further with just a single extra word – to say Lyle and Scott sale – would have given even more specialized results, in this case those of the specific stores not only stocking Lyle and Scott, but also running a sale on it.

To avoid falling into conclusion that the observations we were making were specific to Lyle and Scott only, we decided to try a different designer clothing brand, this time Fila Vintage; and this too, tended to direct us to sites running one or another Fila Vintage sale, with the specialized search for Fila Vintage sale giving even more specialized results on sites running such sales.

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