Direct Marketing Tips – 3 Ways To Supercharge Your Internet Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of those things that doesn’t get discussed enough. It’s actually a central concept to selling; a lot of reasons that people buy anything come down to direct marketing principles. For example, without the existence of a an attention-grabbing headline, it isn’t possible for someone to even see your advertisement in the first place, let alone be persuaded to buy whatever it’s selling. There are a lot of other crucial ingredients that I’m going to talk about in this article, specifically focusing on three, which are arguably the most important to have in your mix if you want to make a lot of consistent sales. Use the following direct marketing tips to make more money online.

1. The Irresistible Offer

Would you pay $97 per month to get $1097 per month without any extra effort on your behalf? Of course you would. This is what you would call a “no brainer.” It’s also an irresistible offer, which, as the name suggests, is impossible to ignore. It’s a deal that nobody can refuse and in of itself can carry a sale the entire way through.

Unfortunately, marketers don’t spend nearly enough time trying to figure out how to make their offers irresistible. Instead, they spend more time trying to sell harder, when they should be making their offer too good to refuse. If you want to sell something online, pretend first that you have genie-like powers and make that irresistible offer. Then figure out if it’s within your limitations to offer something like this irresistible offer.

2. Market Intelligence

This is something else that technically doesn’t belong in the realm of direct marketing but is just as important, if not more so if you’re wanting to run a successful online marketing business. No matter how persuasive your sales copy is, you can’t sell chilli to someone living in the dessert. People often try doing this, i.e. neglecting the market itself and forcibly persuading them to buy whatever it is they’re offering.

Take the time to get to know your market, look at what’s already selling and see if you can improve upon it or mimic it. Just don’t reinvent the wheel and do something that’s totally crazy, unless you want to intentionally throw away your marketing dollars. Out of all the direct marketing tips, this is probably one of the more important ones, simply because people don’t discuss this nearly enough as they should.

3. Repetition

This is something else that is causing a lot of people to needlessly leave money on the table. A lot of people have made more money by simply putting more “buy now” buttons on their sales pages. A lot more sales can be realized if you communicate with your customers on a more regular basis, hitting them with more emails to build rapport.

People are besieged by messages left, right and center and if you don’t have a compelling message that will make them act right then, right now, you’ve lost the sale. Repeat it enough (but not so much that you’re annoying) and you will make more money effortlessly.

These direct marketing tips are basic; if you want to make more money online, simply implement these concepts into your marketing campaigns and you should see a marked increase in your clicks, sales and customers.

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