Building Friendships With Direct Mail

Now that you’re building your list of customers effectively, what do you do with this valuable information?

Don’t sell them, whatever you do!

When you gather this information, in the back of their minds they are just a little bit worried. This customer list is to build relationships, not to up sell them! Don’t confirm that suspicion by trying to sell to them. (This is one sure way to turn your customer off.)

Begin a proactive step in building relationships with your customers. You are gathering data so that you can send them direct mail pieces, call them on the phone and even email them. Here are at least three avenues of contact to use. You may even have their anniversary date or some other personal information. If done with the attitude of “caring for your customer”, all of these can be used effectively.

People are so sick of being sold!! It is estimated that the average person gets 3000 marketing messages shoved at them each and every day. This makes your potential customers jaded and savvy. If you try to sell them with your interest at heart they will know it an respond negatively.

You need to get to know them, and the best way to get to know them is to let them get to know you. Send them Information about you that is important to them. If you care about your customers in a more substantial way than just because they can buy from you , they will sense this too and be very loyal to you. This one fact is what separates the amateurs from the pros in business marketing. the real challenge in this area comes in the change of mindset. You see, you can’t fake it. If you still believe in your heart that people are just customers, here to put money in your hand, they will always sense that. As a professional business person it is vital to your business to put the interests and concerns of your customer ahead of your, when you do that business will flourish.

What is one tool that can be used to show your customers that you care about them?

Let’s start with direct mail, which has actually gained some credibility in recent years. With more modern and cheaper methods of contact, people are getting less junk mail so when your message comes to their mailbox. If done right, your direct mail will have a huge impact. You can have meaningful contact with your treasured customer for as little as $2 or $3 per person. Imagine the loyalty that is built with an anniversary card sent by you to your customer! When you consider the Lifetime Value of that customer, it’s a pittance to invest.

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