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Powerful Warm Market Strategies

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Are you like most direct sellers? Do you try to ‘sell’ your friends and family on joining you in your new entrepreneurial endeavor? How is that working for you? As an MLM Trainer and MLM Coach I have a profitable strategy to share with you.

There are clearly two schools of thought on marketing to your warm market. The first and the traditional view, is simply positioning your warm market is the fastest avenue to building your down line. The second, and perhaps more contemporary view in light of the ‘black eye’ the direct selling industry currently enjoys, is to retail to your warm market.

Inadvertently, by positioning your opportunity to your warm market, oftentimes you alienate the very people who you would like share with. You see, many people simply are not game for owning their own business or selling an opportunity, which means they will be simply repulsed by your inquiry. Obviously a few will. Candidly, inexperienced business people tend to find rejection easily, lack the mindset to overcome their feelings and with enough rejection will begin to doubt their ability to succeed. Getting turned down within their warm market is potentially catastrophic to their very viability in the business. The net result of your warm market efforts will lead to a potentially premature exit from the business. Certainly, this is not what we would like to see occur.

Retailing to your warm market may be a more powerful and profitable strategy to employ. Friends and family will be more open to buying your offering as they are always game to support their kin or friends, right? The benefits to this approach are quite obvious also. Your warm market experiences your offering positively, will tell their sphere of influence and in many cases will share your offering with their sphere of influence, as human nature is intrinsically inquisitive and finally, many in your warm market will raise their hand voluntarily in interest as they begin to view you as increasingly successful. These factors combined, will yield you immediate income as well, which is why many of us enter into direct selling.

Consider that many people who initially begin a direct selling career are not entering into the business from a position of financial abundance. Often, people are looking to augment their existing income or are seeking to create a new income source due to a recent lay-off. Earning income quickly is the crux to their long term viability. Generating retail income is much simpler tactically and easier than generating down line.

Taoism has a term called ‘wu-wei,’ which means to flow as water in the river. Clearly it requires less energy, both mental and physical, to flow with the river’s current than to fight upstream against the current, right? Think of the power water creates. Breathtaking canyons carved from rock exist in nature throughout the world. Water’s power is irresistible. Picture your business creation activities as effortless and your message irresistible and it will be so.

Visualize retailing as flowing with the stream, and opportunity calls to your warm market, as walking up-stream, against the current. You can choose to pursue either tactic, but which one is more empowering? Which tactic provides the most effortless results? Which tactic can you mentally prepare yourself for pursuing?

Once you have repeat and happy retail customers, opportunity minded prospects will begin to appear. As they appear, your courage increases, and as your courage increases, your income will increase, and once your income increases, your desire to recruit in the cold market will grow and grow. After all, a warm market is only so large, so let your warm market grow organically through retail referrals, and in parallel begin to develop the skills you need to tap the vast, cold market where there are over six billion prospects waiting for you to share. So, build your down line sensibly and enjoy the process.

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Sales and Marketing Best Practices: Lead Generation Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Business is constantly evolving. From new manufacturing methods, to new methods of power generation, to new tools and equipment, things never stay the same for long. The same is true for lead generation and sales and marketing methodologies – techniques that worked 20 years ago may be useless today, and what you’re doing today may not work five years from now. Let’s review some tools from years past, take a look at what’s working today, and get a glimpse into where sales and marketing is headed into the future. Each marketing method is followed parenthetically by a generalization of when the method has been or will be effective. Yesterday infers it was effective, today infers it is still effective and tomorrow infers it will be effective in the future.

CANVASSING (Yesterday)

Canvassing was a popular method of generating leads in the past and for some salespeople is still in use today, though increased fuel costs and efficiency are rapidly pushing canvassing into obsolescence. There are generally two types, broadcast door to door canvassing of large areas of a salesperson’s territory and incremental canvassing whereby a salesperson drops off brochures in an abutting area before or after an on-site prospect or client visit.


  • “Face time” with a prospect – many believe this gives them a better chance of establishing rapport and ultimately closing a sale.
  • Ability to read the prospect’s non-verbal cues
  • Material is guaranteed to be received as opposed to direct mail


  • Travel time
  • Travel expense
  • Can only reach a small number of prospects at any given time
  • Inability to do other work while canvassing


Direct mail campaigns, and their successors, fax campaigns, were popular over the last few decades and still remain in use today. But those days are likely ending as mail and printing costs increase and fax technology wanes.


  • Reach out to many prospects simultaneously
  • Less expensive than canvassing
  • Can create inbound leads
  • Somewhat measurable by setting up specific call in numbers or promotional codes


  • Largely ineffective – most end up in the trash
  • Still relatively expensive
  • Especially poor results in B2B sales
  • Must be paired with effective follow up
  • Not a “green” solution
  • Not reusable like email marketing

TELESALES (Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow)

Telesales has been around for decades and is still used by many businesses. It will likely continue, in some manner or form, for the foreseeable future, though it may not be effective a decade from now.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Adds activity to pipelines rapidly
  • Consistent – callers can read from a script
  • Ability to reach many prospects daily
  • No travel time or expense
  • Can sometimes reach decision makers directly


  • Labor intensive
  • Difficult to do well and maintain high quality appointment setters
  • Often seen as an annoyance by busy executives (it is a form of interruption marketing)
  • May require getting through gatekeepers, multiple layers of management
  • Voice mail, caller ID, cell phones and other advancements will impede future efficacy

EMAIL MARKETING (Today and Tomorrow)

Email Marketing has been around for over a decade and is still an effective means of generating quality leads when done correctly. The key to effective B2B eMarketing is to offer valuable content and build a comprehensive opt in email list.


  • Inexpensive and reusable
  • Can reach very large numbers of prospects simultaneously
  • Can target specific industries, titles
  • Easy to change or re-purpose a message
  • Requires less labor
  • Design flexibility
  • Ability to track metrics and quantify results


  • Requires some technical expertise
  • Requires an understanding of eMarketing best practices
  • Difficult to do well
  • SPAM issues
  • Many emails go unread, spam filters, fire walls, junk mail folders, etc.

WEBINARS/WEB MEETINGS (Today and Tomorrow)

Webinars and web meetings are a relatively recent, cost-effective method of generating leads and closing sales. It’s becoming the preferred method of selling for many sales people and companies today, and the trend will accelerate in the future.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can reach out to one or many prospects simultaneously
  • Allows for more personal interaction
  • No travel time or expense required
  • Allows for multitasking
  • Cancellations/rescheduling are not a problem
  • Can be used for internal or external purposes
  • Allows you to demonstrate your value proposition
  • Can be conducted from anywhere with internet connectivity


  • Requires experience and technical expertise
  • Requires special software
  • Inability to read non-verbal signals


Social media marketing is a new and exciting field whereby you reach out to prospects through non-traditional, web based means. Even in highly traditional industries, we’re witnessing a move toward SEO, social media marketing and blogging. For example, insurance agency SEO and law firm SEO are two emerging verticals as these professional service companies join the ranks of high tech companies and other leading edge companies in optimizing their websites.


  • More people are using social networking websites every day
  • Cutting edge – makes you look like a thought leader
  • Easy to target extremely large numbers of prospects simultaneously
  • Messages can be focused to very narrow groups if desired
  • Rapid feedback from prospects
  • Can be accessed from anywhere with internet connectivity
  • High future growth potential
  • Can be used for B2B or B2C


  • Can be difficult to measure ROI
  • Requires expertise across multiple platforms
  • B2B effectiveness debatable
  • Can be somewhat time intensive


Websites have been around for quite a while, but selling by using your website combined with search engine optimization can be extremely effective and is an area of high future growth.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Generates inbound leads
  • Very important future growth area
  • Very measurable
  • Builds a foundation for the future
  • Organic SEO has no incremental costs (no PPC budget required)


  • Requires technical expertise
  • Requires ongoing maintenance
  • PPC (Pay Per Click), the non organic SEO method does require an ongoing budget
  • May require additional personnel or an outsource for required skill sets

Though there are other marketing tools available including traditional networking, radio, TV and newspaper advertising to mention a few, the methods noted above cover a fairly broad perspective on frequently used, or soon to be used B2B marketing tools. Clearly, the internet has had an enormous impact on prospect marketing and lead generation. Over the past decade there has been a definitive transition from traditional face to face sales and marketing, to online and web based sales and marketing techniques. Even relatively new tools such as eMarketing and webinars/web meetings are being surpassed by website selling, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. And in this dog eat dog, marketing driven business world, it’s “innovate or die”.

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Success Through Direct Marketing

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Direct Email Marketing

Your Business NEEDS a steady stream of customers!

Without that your business will DIE!

Success in business can really boil down to the simple things.

Learn direct marketing the right way.

Who today hasn’t gone to the mail only to find flyers, brochures, and notepads or gone onto their computer to find numerous emails from companies wanting their business? Well these companies are onto one of the best ways to advertise, direct mail marketing.

Two of the best reasons to direct mail are the ability to pinpoint your target market and the ability to present a complete sales presentation, of any length, to your target market.

In order to have effective email marketing here are a few tips that may be beneficial to you:

Remember that the subject line is seen first. Keep this to three or five words. Also, remember that you don’t like being fooled into reading something so neither will your customer.

Make it personal. Make it connect with people, use casual yet effective language.

Keep it short and simple. People don’t have the time to be reading and scrolling down the page. Total length should be no more that 250 words.

Give motivation to act. Have something to entice your customer to purchase now or have special savings if they respond within a certain time.

Instruct on how to act. Let your customers know what you want them to do. Do not leave a situation open ended. Make sure that the situation closes – with a deal.

Make use of your Website. Make people go to your Website to close the sale. Your customers will want to interact with you. Use your website for this – remember interaction makes relationships.

Build a relationship with your customer. Who wants to deal with someone who doesn’t have the time for their needs? Make sure that you listen to your customers needs and then meet them.

Follow up. This is the key to success. Anybody can propose something or complete a job. It takes someone special to follow up on that completion, asking if there is anything else they can do and maintaining the relationship. A key phrase to remember is “it’s a small world”.

Good luck with your email marketing! Remember this is your chance to hit your target market, take your time in determining who is going to benefit the most.

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Got E-Marketing?

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Of the hundreds or possibly thousands of marketing messages consumers are bombarded with each day, e-marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods available, in both the online and offline worlds. In fact, a study from Forbes Media last year found that e-marketing generated the most conversions, second only to search engine optimization. Offline, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reported that e-marketing outperformed all other forms of direct marketing last year as well. So the data clearly shows that e-marketing works for reaching (and converting) customers today. But why?

A Broad Reach

One of the reasons e-marketing works so well could be that it has a very broad reach, since almost everyone today has an email address, and many have more than one. Spam-compliant e-marketing services (such as Constant Contact or Vertical Response) are readily available and very affordable, meaning you can easily reach your entire customer base using email. If you are not regularly e-marketing to your customers, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to keep your name and products/services in front of customers and remind them of the value you provide.

Taking Action

Also, e-marketing makes it easy to enable recipients to take some type of action. Whether it’s clicking through to an optimized landing page or printing out a coupon, your special offers can be delivered directly to your customers’ inboxes where they can interact with your message and take the desired action. Just be sure to use a clear call-to-action and provide recipients multiple ways to engage with you (including links to your website, email links, phone numbers, social networking links, etc.).

Targeting, Tracking, and Measuring

Targeting your messages is also easy with e-marketing, since you are sending directly to people who have opted-in or given you permission to contact them with your information. You can even segment your e-marketing list into specific groups based on interests, gender, time of year, or any other criteria that may be useful to your business. However, you cannot segment your list effectively if you are not keeping accurate stats and tracking your results. Most listserv services provide very detailed data on who opened your message, what links they clicked on, if they forwarded it to another person, etc. This level of results measurement is simply not possible with other more traditional marketing methods.

No Interruptions

E-marketing is also less intrusive than other types of advertising (like TV or radio commercials or the dreaded telemarketing call at dinnertime). Recipients will see your message when they are checking their email, and if you have done a good job of providing valuable content, they will look forward to what you have to say when they see your email in their inboxes. If you send too often or send only self-serving promotions, however, they may simply delete your message without reading it, or possibly unsubscribe or block you altogether, so be smart about the types of content you send and how often you send it.

Because It Works!

The bottom line is that e-marketing works, and is an easy, affordable way to market to your customers and reach them directly with valuable content and special offers they may be interested in. E-marketing also averages a return on investment (ROI) of $43.62 for every dollar you spend, which is a convincing reason to add it to your marketing mix in the first place.

By using e-marketing regularly, your business becomes more visible to your customers and regularly reminds them about your products, services, and value, and can trigger a flurry of renewed interest every time you send.

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Choosing the Best Direct Sales Opportunities

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Having a home-based business can be a welcome change for people who have worked out themselves in the office setting. This time, they can be their own boss. This is why exploring internet businesses can be a good chance to be successful. Get to know the direct sales opportunities out there to make the most out of the online venture.

Conducting a Successful Home-Based Business

There are some popular concepts that people doing internet businesses must keep in mind. Multi-Level Marketing or MLM and Direct Sales option are two of the more popular approaches resorted to by entrepreneurs. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it pays to get to know well one approach to make the most out of it.

MLM allows internet marketers to make money through the network. There are MLM programs online that can jumpstart this plan. By joining a program, you become part of the system. Then you have to promote the affiliate to others. Your recruits will be identified to you. A certain percentage of the sales and fees paid by your recruits will be credited to you.

Direct Sales Opportunities

There is also the option to conduct the business through direct sales. Compared to the MLM option, fewer businesses are engaging into direct sales today. This is doing the selling in the traditional way. This can be done in your own neighborhood as you interact with other people.

This is a perfect opportunity for people who have enough free time in their hands. The direct sales will make that free time productive. This is one source for passive income that can possibly support you even if you are not working on an 8 to 5 job. People who are in the transition phase like moving from one career to another can also fill up their vacant time with direct sales opportunities.

What makes direct sales very appealing is the possibility of earning higher income in the short run. Other marketing strategies focus on the long-term needs but will generally take months before you can expect the residual income. With direct sales, you conduct it upfront. That allows you to receive the profits right away.

The commissions for direct sales are also relatively larger than what you get from doing the sales in other methods. In some cases, individuals who are able to sell 3 to 5 products at a time are able to earn thousands of dollars already in commission.

Maximizing the Opportunities of Direct Sales

To make sure that you benefit from the direct sales endeavor. Keep in mind that you have to find a reputable direct sales company for you to join. This will help you get products that you and your network can actually sell with conviction.

Consider also your initial outlay for doing direct sales. The amount generally depends on the company that you will join. On the average, a thousand dollars may be needed to give your business the go-signal. Do not ignore also the need to study marketing and communication skills. You have to make sure that your network or group will be properly motivated in conducting the direct sales. This is the only way to ensure the expected profits.


Be smart in maximizing the direct sales opportunities. Take the time to weigh your options. Know what effort, knowledge and skills you can employ to make it succeed.

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