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PURL Marketing Overview

May 27 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

pURL marketing provides users with a variety of ways to improve response rates. If you don’t already know about pURL marketing, then now is the time to find out. Though many major companies are still struggling to figure out how to market to an internet savvy generation, others have discovered the key. One of the most impressive new forms of internet marketing is the pURL marketing technique. pURL marketing can do amazing things to boost profitability. Here is some more information about the pURL marketing method and what it can do for your business.

What is pURL Marketing?

pURL stands for personalized URL and it is a system of postcard marketing that utilizes the internet instead of direct mailing. pURL allows companies to end out highly personalized messages to their customers via email. These messages can be used to advertise an upcoming sale, promote a new product, or even gather customer information via a survey.

The pURL message is extremely customizable. You can create a personalized postcard website for each user with their name included in your message. If you have kept good records on your customers you can even take it a step further. The companies that create pURL marketing messages can take details such as customers’ product preference, favorite color, or anything else you have on them and use it to generate superbly customized mailings for each client.

pURL companies use highly responsive software that automatically generates highly personalized sites using various algorithms. All you have to do is supply the information that you have for each one of your customers to the site. The information is loaded into the software and the pURLs are created, using as much or as little detail as you wish to include.

pURL Results

Though many higher level companies have yet to discover the benefit of pURL there is a lot to be said for this type of advertising. Customers these days are far more likely to pay attention to a pURL message in their email that is directly addressed to them. Take that a step further by customizing it to meet all of their preferences and you are definitely going to get their attention.

Imagine getting an email from a company that you do business with that was in your favorite color, with your name on the message and in the web address, and a highly appealing product being marketed to you. Add in a discount or special promotion for that product. Would you not be impressed? Would you not be more likely to buy?

pURL marketing messages really get the customer’s attention. For this reason, customers are more likely to make a purchase or fill out information. Most statistics show customers being almost twice as likely to follow through with a pURL message as compared to a traditional direct mailing. This means that you can look to as much as double your profit by sending out targeted pURL messages as opposed to direct mailings.

Finding pURL Marketing Consultants

pURL marketing companies have sprung up in great numbers over the last few years. A variety of different marketing consultants and other teamed up to form the pURL marketing technique after they began to study research indicating how much more likely consumers were to go with a targeted email over a direct mailing.

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Direct Marketing Tips – 3 Ways To Supercharge Your Internet Direct Marketing

May 26 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Direct marketing is one of those things that doesn’t get discussed enough. It’s actually a central concept to selling; a lot of reasons that people buy anything come down to direct marketing principles. For example, without the existence of a an attention-grabbing headline, it isn’t possible for someone to even see your advertisement in the first place, let alone be persuaded to buy whatever it’s selling. There are a lot of other crucial ingredients that I’m going to talk about in this article, specifically focusing on three, which are arguably the most important to have in your mix if you want to make a lot of consistent sales. Use the following direct marketing tips to make more money online.

1. The Irresistible Offer

Would you pay $97 per month to get $1097 per month without any extra effort on your behalf? Of course you would. This is what you would call a “no brainer.” It’s also an irresistible offer, which, as the name suggests, is impossible to ignore. It’s a deal that nobody can refuse and in of itself can carry a sale the entire way through.

Unfortunately, marketers don’t spend nearly enough time trying to figure out how to make their offers irresistible. Instead, they spend more time trying to sell harder, when they should be making their offer too good to refuse. If you want to sell something online, pretend first that you have genie-like powers and make that irresistible offer. Then figure out if it’s within your limitations to offer something like this irresistible offer.

2. Market Intelligence

This is something else that technically doesn’t belong in the realm of direct marketing but is just as important, if not more so if you’re wanting to run a successful online marketing business. No matter how persuasive your sales copy is, you can’t sell chilli to someone living in the dessert. People often try doing this, i.e. neglecting the market itself and forcibly persuading them to buy whatever it is they’re offering.

Take the time to get to know your market, look at what’s already selling and see if you can improve upon it or mimic it. Just don’t reinvent the wheel and do something that’s totally crazy, unless you want to intentionally throw away your marketing dollars. Out of all the direct marketing tips, this is probably one of the more important ones, simply because people don’t discuss this nearly enough as they should.

3. Repetition

This is something else that is causing a lot of people to needlessly leave money on the table. A lot of people have made more money by simply putting more “buy now” buttons on their sales pages. A lot more sales can be realized if you communicate with your customers on a more regular basis, hitting them with more emails to build rapport.

People are besieged by messages left, right and center and if you don’t have a compelling message that will make them act right then, right now, you’ve lost the sale. Repeat it enough (but not so much that you’re annoying) and you will make more money effortlessly.

These direct marketing tips are basic; if you want to make more money online, simply implement these concepts into your marketing campaigns and you should see a marked increase in your clicks, sales and customers.

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How to Succeed in Network-Marketing?

May 25 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

How to succeed in Network Marketing? There are 4 steps that guarantee that your expectations are met and success results are achieved in home based ecommerce/online business.

Step One

Prospecting: The first step in building a home based ecommerce business is to understand you cannot build an organization without people who have the similar desire’s like you.

Your first goal should be to find these people and it can only be found once you start prospecting online/offline on a regular basis looking for those who are interested in earning income by building a home based business. It is recommended you should have at least 40 new prospects per month if you are building a business on a part time basis and more than 100 if you are building business fulltime.

What do you do once you have compiled the list? Your immediate task after developing the prospecting list is to set a face to face appointment with your prospects for approx. 20-30 mins, where in you can share the business opportunity with your prospects.

Step Two

Sharing your opportunity:

The second step is to meet the prospect to discuss the business opportunity. There are many ways of sharing, you can invite one or many person at your home and share the opportunity with everyone, you can just meet the person one-on-one either at your place, or at prospect’s place or at some neutral place and then give that person a brief overview of your compensation plan, etc. It is recommended not to share the opportunity with the prospects at their work place, if you do share info with the prospect at their work place it is for sure you are going to waste your time and you are in desperate need of setting someone up for home based business.

Step Three

Convert your partner into an Associate: Once you share the opportunity with the prospect, your next step is to get the prospect started in your business as your associate. You need to be absolutely clear with your company rules and policies, and if applicable any fees etc. You need to develop a healthy relationship with your associate and understand their immediate and long term goals.

Step Four

Setup your associate for success: Once your associate gets familiar with you and your system, your task is to set your associate for success. You need to train and motivate your associate how to compile the list of prospects, share the opportunity and how to convert prospect into associate.

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Network Marketing Heavy Hitter Secrets

May 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Secrets of the “Heavy Hitters”

Ninety percent of conquering a problem is to identify the problem. Even addicts have to first agree that they have a problem before they can be helped. So if we can quickly review the major reasons why people fail we can just avoid those pitfalls. Let us take a look at these pointers:

1. Be prepared to handle rejection. Who said that any kind of selling was easy? But it all comes down to attitude. If you can understand that a rejection of the opportunity that you are so excited about is not a rejection of you as a person, then you are on your way. “No” must be interpreted as “next”. This is easier said than done but it’s the price of success. The Internet and other new technologies now allow some rejection proof approaches, such as using lead capture pages and autoresponder messages. These methods serve to “pre-qualify” your prospects. There still must come a time when you will have to be in personal contact with your down line members however.

Part of preparing your mind for these ‘negative’ people is to fill your mind with positive messages. There are many Network Marketing and “positive thinking” speakers that will help you keep your spirits up. You will be surprised to discover the boost that motivational tapes and books can give to your attitude in general. This is one of the benefits of being in this industry-it teaches you to have a brighter outlook on life.

2. Be realistic in your expectations. To expect too much too soon will only set you up for a possible let down. Accept that this is a legitimate business that requires investment of time and effort and you must be prepared to sow the seeds for the harvest you expect to reap. Who builds a house without first considering the cost?

When you are quoted the salaries of the big recruiters, be sure to ask how much time and money they spent to get to that level. This information will give you a clearer picture.

3. Once you find a reputable company be prepared to stay for the long haul.

This goes without saying but if you expect to succeed you must stay the course. The most successful people in life have gone through very trying times but they stuck with it and left a legacy behind. It is often said that tough times don’t last but tough people do. The same is true for those seeking to build a solid recurring income. You should commit yourself to at least 3 years before making a decision either way.

Jumping from one opportunity to the next only shows a lack of decision and stability in you planning. Teenagers are expected to fall in and out of love every few months, but married couples have committed for life. Be prepared for a marriage not a fling!

4. Do not make the business more complicated than it needs to be. Stick with what works.

There is always the temptation to improve on the methods that experienced networkers have shown to work. Go with what works, not with what should work. If you find a system that has been working just plug into it and squeeze the last drop of success you can get from this. This means that you must show yourself teachable to your up line and be willing to teach your down line members the same system. Success normally comes from doing what works over and over again until it becomes second nature.

Another note of caution is that you should not expect from your recruits what you are not doing yourself. There a many networkers who will give advice that they are not willing to follow. In other word they get their team members to “do the dirty work” for them. This practice takes away from the real meaning of duplication-I’m doing the same thing that I’m teaching you to do.

5. Train and then let loose!

The real power of Network Marketing is the power of leverage. Rather than using 100% of your own effort, you are using 1% of the effort of a hundred. If your down line members become too dependent upon you then they will be using 110% of your effort. This can easily lead to rapid burnout.

So the key here is to train your frontline members, then train them to train their frontline members. As you gain leadership experience in the business then you can occasionally pick up the slack for a colleague. The important thing here is that your team members understand that effort is required on their part or they cannot expect your support.

Here are some additional insider tips on really hitting the ground running. These ‘secrets’ are learned from the study of those who have made millions in this industry.

6. Talk to many at the same time instead of one at a time.

We just mentioned that the real power of Network Marketing is leveraging your efforts. Did you ever notice that the real successful people in this industry never talk to one person at a time? Just think about it. Your recruiting message or script will be the same for each prospect. You are introducing them to a business opportunity. If you were to use the telephone to do your presentations, how many prospects can you talk to in one day? So here is what the serious marketers do:

(a) Set up a toll free number with a recorded message and invite callers to leave their number and other contact information.

(b) Advertise conference calls where many people can join and listen to your presentation at the same time.

(c) Run a message board on your website where people can ask questions and discuss the business.

(d) Host an online conference chat room.

(e) Buy leads and load them into an auto responder with your prospecting message. Be careful of here to avoid SPAM complaints. Also confirm that the auto responder company that you use allows you to use purchased leads.

7. Target other network marketers.

This may seem to go against the issue of not jumping from opportunity to opportunity, but it is much easier to work with someone who has already worked in the industry than a totally new person. There are list brokers who specialize in mailing list of distributors from companies that have closed down. For these individuals you don’t have to teach them to fish, they already know, and that can be a plus.

In addition to this, you can expect that if they join forces with you they can bring their entire down line from the old company. Of course, one challenge is that these seasoned marketers will also be more difficult to recruit since they will take a more critical stance of your opportunity.

8. Target business-minded people and entrepreneurs.

Here again you are targeting people who are already motivated and understand what it takes to run a successful business. These individuals would also already be networking in their businesses and therefore would be in a position of influence. Such people include chiropractors, real estate agents, sales people and internet marketers. These professionals come in contact with a large number of people and could be the boost that the organization needs. The more ‘business minded’ your prospects are the more likely you will recruit them.

9. Make a written plan with all your goals and steps to get there.

Psychologists tell us that when we write something down we are more likely to commit to it. That’s why you are required in a contract to place your signature on the dotted line-helps you keep your end of the bargain.

Every business owner should have a goal to which they are aspiring. If you aim for nothing you are likely to strike it. If your plan is to get to a recurring income of $10,000 per month then you should set smaller goals on your way there. Say, $3,000 per month after the first year, then $7,000 per month after the second year and finally $10,000 per month by the third year.

A very important part of writing out this plan is to calculate what is required to get to your goal. So if you must call 20 people to get 1 ‘yes’, and that prospect is worth $50 per month to you, you will know how many calls you have to make per month to get to $3,000 per month in one year. Looks simple, but most people don’t do this kind of calculation and so they run their businesses with blind expectations.

Knowing where you are going is one of the easiest ways to get there!

10. Continually work to improve your people skills, especially your listening skills.

At its core, Network Marketing is really people management. If you don’t like dealing with people then this is not for you. You are always going to be in direct or indirect contact with people and so you should brush up on your people skills.

One of those skills that you’ll need to primarily focus on is your listening skills. One of the most common downfalls of Network Marketers is that they talk too much and don’t listen enough. This applies to the majority of salespersons. You have to always take time to listen to the customer because if you do – they will tell you what they are looking for! Here are some quick tips to improve your listening skills (particularly on the telephone):

(a) Well … just stop talking and listen. That’s the toughest part.

(b) Learn to view things from the prospect’s position. Is your prospect a single mom struggling to make ends meet? Empathize and provide the solution.

(c) Restate what the person tells you to be sure that you understand what they are saying. This also makes the other person feel “heard.”

(d) Try not to interrupt them while they are talking-another hard one.

(e) Ask a lot of questions for clarification but not to be confrontational.

(f) Avoid jumping to unnecessary conclusions and learn to “listen between the lines.”

(g) Smile! You’ll be surprised to see what this does to your tone of voice.

11. Stay informed in what’s happening in the industry by subscribing to at least one professional Network Marketing journal.

There are many magazines to choose from and many books written on the subject of Network Marketing. As an “expert” in the field you should be able to speak of it in a professional way and be aware of the latest trends and technologies available to you. Think of how impressed your prospects will be when you can quote them the latest statistics. This helps you to build immediate credibility with your prospects. If you expect to make $20,000 per month, think about what other professionals with similar salaries had to endure before they reached that level, a doctor for example-years of medical schools, educational loans and internships! Don’t be skimpy on your education.

12. Write your own book or produce Network Marketing tapes and CD’s.

This may appear to be a tall order but it is not as difficult as it first appears. First you can publish an E-book even if you have this book written by a professional ghostwriter. You can place a bid at a website such as and have writers bid on your job. This book will have your name on the cover and no one has to know that you never wrote one word!

Audiotapes and CD’s can be produced at home using a stereo recorder or in a local sound studio. You can also use your computer with the appropriate software and hardware to do this. There are many companies that will reproduce these recordings for you at minimum cost. Having your name on these products can be a real income booster. People want to know that they are following a leader and that is the way you are presenting yourself.

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Marketing Nuggets That Can Guide You In Business

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If you want to make more money in your business, then you will have to follow a few simple techniques that will help you to earn as much money as possible in your business. I’m sure you’ve tried a variety of techniques that were supposed to earn you a lot of money in a short period of time, but ended up not making the cut as the few marketing strategies that could be earning you the most money as possible.

Unfortunately, the word “marketing” seems to make more struggling business owners cringe. If this describes you, then you should know that you don’t have to have that fearful approach to marketing. In fact to get started, you should use one marketing strategy alone, and work this strategy until you gain the confidence to incorporate all kinds of strategies in your business.

When marketing, one of the things that you don’t want to do is copy your competitors’ ads. You’d be amazed by how much your competitors’ are struggling also. And I’m willing to bet that they’re looking at your ads and are copying some of your ads also. So it’s the blind leading the blind here.

Instead of copying your competitors’ ads, run a campaign that is unique in nature. Implement direct response marketing techniques so that you can get responses NOW instead of waiting weeks (or even months) to see results. Waiting for responses will cause you to go out of business faster than a tornado can spin.

You shouldn’t follow your competitors – only do what you know how to do. Run an ad, generate lead, follow up on these leads, and close the sale. Use this simple premise to market your business, and you will be good to go. Always stick with strategies that have been proven to work, so that you can earn more money without doing a lot of unnecessary marketing activities.

Now believe it or not, there are actually some business owners who just want to grow their brand. They want to become the next “major hit” like big companies, and they feel that brand advertising is the way to go. Sadly, these business owners find themselves with a lack of new customers on a daily basis, and because of it, they have to go out of business.

Don’t let this be you.

Follow direct response marketing techniques that will help you to earn more money in your business in a short period of time. Don’t do brand advertising because it’s slow, and there’s no guarantee that it will even work for you. You should be focused on getting people into your doors – not having people seeing your name and then deciding to go somewhere else.

These marketing tips will help you to earn a lot of money in your business if you follow them correctly. With this approach, you’ll be able to make more money than you ever did before, and you can easily turn your business into a gold mine. So don’t forget it.

Good luck with using these tips to have success in your business today.

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Direct Mail – How To Get Your Envelopes Open

May 22 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you used direct mail recently for your online business? If not, then you will want to try it out and implement it in your business. It’s something that can be incredibly profitable for you, and can boost your backend sales by 30%. All of this can be done by sending out a simple letter or postcard in the mail.

But sometimes, it’s not enough to just send out a letter or a postcard. In some niches online, you have to get more creative about your direct mail. If you’re in a business-to-business niche, this will apply to you. Let’s get into the first creative thing that you will want to do when doing direct mail in your online business:

1) Write out your address and recipient’s address

That’s right. No labels. Just a handwritten envelope in blue or black ink. This immediately gives the impression of familiarity. People will think that the envelope and letter is personal, and will rush to open it. And hopefully when they open it, you don’t scare them off with an ugly sales pitch.

The good news is that when they do open it, they will see that it’s from you, and if you’ve been doing your email marketing correctly, they will continue to read your letter and possibly take action on buying something. But if you haven’t started a relationship with them via your email newsletter, they may just as well throw your letter in the trash. So it’s important that you do both. Here’s another tip:

2) Put “First Class Mail” on the envelope

Make it easy for your mailman. Everyday they sort through the junk mail and real, authentic, and personal (and important) letters. So if you put the words “first class mail” on your envelope, it will subconsciously tell them that this is something important… especially if it has a real-live stamp. Which leads me to my last point:

3) Use a real stamp on the envelope

Don’t send out a letter to your customers with an ugly label on it. Go down to the post offer, and ask them to purchase 100 stamps. This will probably cost around $50 (or something like that… I don’t know how much a stamp costs these days). And once you get all of these stamps, put a stamp on your postcard or envelope, insert your letter, seal it, and then drop it off at the post office.

This is a high probability that your letter will get delivered. The mailman will see that the envelope is hand addressed, and that there’s a real live stamp on the envelope – so it must be important. This is one of the mail that they keep for successful delivery. Sounds like a lot huh? Lol well, that’s just what it is, and that’s the nature of things. But if you want to make a huge impact, this is what you have to do.

These tips for using direct mail to contact and earn more money from your backend customers are highly effective. Even though you are based online, you can still use these tips to earn additional profits – at a very low cost. So consider it today.

Good luck with using direct mail in your internet business today.

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Internet Marketing – What Does it Takes to Make It?

May 21 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

You are going to a town you don’t know and you have asked for directions. However, you were given the wrong directions and instead of finding your way, you have been led further away and have wasted much of your gas and time in the process. Now, you are frustrated and disappointed, and you are wondering if it’s still worth it to get to that town after all.

Is this your situation? Are you lost and frustrated, wondering if you should still keep on going to get where you wanted to go?

If this is your case, all you need to do is find the right direction to the place you want to go to. In internet marketing, the problem is that many marketers have is that they don’t know how to recognize the differences between the right direction and the wrong direction. I know, when I started in the online business, this was my situation as well.

The first thing you need to recognize about directions is that the phony ones will usually promise you miraculous success for little to no work on your part. Those promised are very misleading and will never lead you where you want to go. You will get lost and run out of gas (money) very soon.

The way you can recognize a true and good direction is first by looking into what is promised to you. Are you shown a real WAY to get there, such as a plan or a method that if followed should give you results? We are not talking about effortless push of a button here, but real well directed work, or steps that if done correctly will lead you to success.

When I first started with this business I would have loved to find this kind of guidance, instead, however, all I ever found was bad directions. This was five years ago, and believe it or not, back then it was very hard to find the kind of guidance that is available today. So, basically just like others before and even after me I had to find my own way, burning lots and lots of gas and finally get to my destination on my own. Once I got there, I promised myself that I will be someone who would give directions to whoever wanted to follow, as long as they understood that internet marketing means work, persistence, and belief in yourself.

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Which E-Mini Trading Indicator Gives Traders A Clear View of the Next Market Move?

May 19 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The goal of any e-mini trading system is to demonstrate the ability to accurately forecast the timing and direction of price movement. To be sure, there are literally thousands of trading systems that claim to place e-mini traders in a position to place trades that are timely and profitable. After all, why place a trade without having a reasonable expectation of making money in e-mini trading? For that matter, why bother even trading when you can just put it in the bank with no risk? Money in the bank is deposited knowing that no predictive value is required; your cash sits in an account and earns a guaranteed rate of return for a specified period of time.

So, why do individuals step into the e-mini trading arena and put their money at risk?

Individuals trade because they believe that the trading system they utilize gives them a unique opportunity to predict the direction of the market and make more money than they could earn at the bank. Or, I could phrase it more simply: people are greedy. The futures market offers an opportunity for the skilled trader to make fantastic profits when compared to the paltry return banks are offering, and that is an attractive enticement for anyone to enter the markets. Usually these individuals have either developed a system and thoroughly back tested it with superior results; or purchased a “sure fire” trading system from someone who has assured them (or convinced them) sufficiently to put their hard earned money at risk in the markets. To be sure, there are hundreds of systems utilizing tools like the Elliot Wave, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, pivot points or the phases of the moon and stars. Don’t laugh, one of the most famous technical traders to live advocates astrological market prediction at this point in his career.

If predictive systems are so effective, as their designers or purveyors claim, why do 90% of traders fail within three months?

The answer to this question is very simple; there is no predictive trading system that works with any degree of accuracy. Consider this: excluding breakeven trades, which are rare and usually the result of trading in the wrong direction and getting out by the skin of your teeth, e-mini trading should have a typical binary outcome. You should have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing; either the market goes up or the market goes down and you either win or lose, so even a mildly successful system should give you an advantage that increases your winning percentage. This is the tactic sellers of trading systems use to convince the uninitiated to purchase a trading system that can run upwards of $10,000, in some cases. The question is, do these systems have some indicator built in (here to forth unknown) that can accurately predict market direction in e-mini trading?

My unequivocal answer to this question is a somewhat sheepish, Nope! In 25+ years I have yet to see a system that can predict the market with any degree of accuracy or depth. If such a system existed, the algos’ would have their computers running at break neck speed and be piling up the cash faster than the Federal Reserve Bank can print it. Instead, institutional computer traders work on the principle of the bully pulpit, using High Frequency Trading algorithms to overwhelm the market to garner several ticks and then rapidly exit their trades with small gains. If you can gather enough money and hire sophisticated algo designers, you are home free with an ATM-like machine working non-stop to help you accumulate cash while you play golf.

Here is the bottom line for retail traders; most don’t have the size futures trading account to engage in High Frequency Traders and fail to realize that a truly predictive trading system does not exist. That being said, the logical question should be “okay Mr. Know-it all, how come some traders are so profitable?”

The not-so-obvious answer is that most successful traders react to the market, as oppose trying to predict its direction. I know this distinction is very subtle, but it the common characteristic of all the successful traders, both famous and anonymous, with whom I have rubbed elbows. These highly successful traders don’t rely on hocus pocus indicators or intuition to guide them in their trading decisions; instead, they allow market conditions to develop with which they have had past success in trading and react to the market. This style of trading may use some real-time tools to confirm successful traders’ reactive trading style; but they don’t start the day with a grand illusion that their insight into market dynamics will lead them to take long trades because their system indicated the market is going breakout long. Instead, they observe and react to markets as they develop and trade to capture what the market is offering. My mentor once told me, “the market often hands out money freely, but you will never succeed trying to steal money from the market.” In short, take what the market offers and stay on the sidelines when the market doesn’t offer opportunities. That statement should be on every written trading plan, along with another gem my mentor offered; “anytime you are sure you know in advance what the market is going to do, turn off the computer and go golfing.” This advice is timeless.

In summary, I have pointed out that indicators or e-mini trading systems have no real predictive characteristics. However, I have stated that traders who react with to what the market offers often times are superior traders. Predictive vs. Reactive: maybe it’s only a style of thinking to which I write about, but either way there are no predictive systems available to the retail e-mini trader that have proven terribly effective. As always, best of luck in your trading.

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Become Wealthy in Network Marketing

May 17 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Network marketing is a fast growing trend among people nowadays. Once we understand the tactics of the business, its easy to become wealthy in network marketing. To understand that, we first have to know what is network marketing.

Network marketing is also known as multi level marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, or pyramidal selling. It is the marketing strategy used by some companies. The products and company are usually marketed directly to consumers and potential business partners by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing.

The company is represented by nonsalaried sales persons also called distributors or franchise owner. They receive commission based on the volume of the company’s product they sell through their own effort and also a downline organization, if they manage to build one.

The downline organization usually comprises of independent distributors. The main success of the business depends on building many levels of different groups of independent distributors one below another. At a certain point of time when the structure of the downline organization expands, the distributor at the top line will receive royalties from the company for the product sold by the distributors at the bottom line.

Network marketing tests a person’s marketing and interactive skill at a personal level. One has to have lot of skill to convince people to sell the product and also to make them join the organization. Not only that, one should also have the ability to guide and make the downline distributors to work with the same vigor to make the organization work and to reap substantial results.

For those who enjoy working and interacting with people, who are always open to new ideas, who have strong desire to start and succeed in their own business, and those who are willing to put in few initial years of hard work, network marketing is the right choice. All it takes is to make the right choice, find a good company with quality products and a successful upline team which is ready to work with you and guide you.

To succeed in MLM, make the right choice, stay focused and work hard. With success comes money!

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Who Else Wants to Know the Pros and Cons of a Direct Marketing Campaign?

May 16 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Starting Your Own Business

I got to tell you that whether you are in the network marketing business or are building another home based business, marketing is a very important factor. How else can your business succeed if nobody knows it even exists? How would anybody be able to find you and your business? Continue reading and I’ll share some of the advantages and disadvantages of running a direct marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaigns

There are a few different ways to run a marketing campaign. Direct bulk mailings, email campaigns, telemarketing and even purchasing television or radio commercial time are all ways that small businesses get the word out about their products or services.

For most of us, these methods can be cost prohibitive. Many home based business owners take their business’ budget right out of their household income. Because of this, it becomes very important to weight out the pros and cons of direct marketing before making the investment.

The Pros and the Cons

Direct marketing is driven straight to the potential customer or lead. This removes the need to raise prices to cover a middle-man. Some methods of marketing, including emails and bulk snail mail, can even further target your desired consumer by determining what demographic your market consists of and gathering or buying mailing lists specifically for that market.

Direct marketing also allows you to more accurately track the success or failure of specific campaigns. This information is very valuable moving forward as you fine tune and adjust your marketing strategy.

One of the most obvious disadvantages to direct marketing is people’s tendency to not only get annoyed by these campaigns but even to prevent you from reaching them in the future. For example, I tend to mark as “spam” any direct email marketing that I did not specifically request, hopefully to never be heard from again.

Another clear disadvantage is the costs involved. For most of these strategies, market research, mailing lists and delivery costs are all factors. If you’re considering putting together a radio or TV ad, production costs must also be considered.

Word of Mouth

Perhaps the greatest and most overlooked direct marketing campaign strategy is simple customer satisfaction. If you go out of your way to provide your customers or leads exactly what they are looking for at a reasonable cost, their word of mouth advertising can be the most direct, not to mention least expensive, form of marketing available.

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